Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp

ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp company website.


👍 Favorable

• The low sale price will be appealing to buyers looking for a cheap commuter vehicle.
• Company has plans to build a new U.S. state-of-the-art facility, hiring up to 250 people. This would potentially eliminate tariffs and logistical efficiencies for U.S. sales.
• EVs are projected to exceed more than 30% of all passenger vehicles in the US by 2040.

👎 Unfavorable

• Minimal revenues
• The SOLO has a unique design and purpose that may not become a commercial success.
• The electric car market is hot right now, perhaps a bubble.
• The company expects to incur losses to increase significantly for design, develop and manufacture their vehicles, components, manufacturing facility, inventory, open dealerships, marketing, and administration
• Because of minimal cash flow the company will need to raise additional funds through the sale of stock, which could dilute the value of your investment.
• The company entered into a manufacturing agreement with a subsidiary of Zongshen Industrial Group Co. Ltd., located in Chongqing, China. Zongshen’s financial condition, as well as geopolitical and economic risks, could affect their ability to produce the cars needed.

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